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6 Amazing Vegan Aphrodisiac Meals

For those who would like to create the perfect meal in for two on a romantic evening, several vegan options are available. Using the best, quality fresh ingredients for preparing simple dinners that would empower the body and soul is not hard. The below list of six vegan aphrodisiac dishes are easy to prepare, and are perfect for a candlelit dinner at home.


Avocado and Tomato SaladAvocado and Tomato Salad

For those looking for extra energy and good mood, avocados in the salad provide all the minerals that increase stamina and sexual appetite. It only takes five minutes to prepare, and can be a great side dish for a roasted vegan dish or vegetable stew. All that is needed is one large avocado, a large tomato (ripe), cucumbers, and olive oil. Several vegan seasoning mixes, such as onion stock can be added for extra flavor.
Find the recipe here: kalynskitchen.com


Vegan Risotto with Asparagus and MushroomsVegan Risotto with Asparagus and Mushrooms
Asparagus is known as a “sexy veg”, full of potassium and different types of vitamins that provide the body with energy and stamina. The folic acid content of asparagus is also able to increase the body’s production of histamine, making romantic nights even more enjoyable. Mushrooms provide the dish with texture and color, while the rice provides slow-release energy to help energy levels stay high all night.
Find the recipe here: onegreenplanet.org


Pumpkin Seeds with Sweet Peas and KalePumpkin Seeds with Sweet Peas and Kale
This recipe is great for lovers who are looking for a vegan recipe that immediately increases testosterone levels, is filling, and delicious. Using pumpkin seeds, containing Magnesium and Omega 3 oils is a good way of supporting the immune system, and gaining muscular strength. This dish is not only enjoyable for the eye, but also provides the body with zinc, protein and iron for better circulation and more power.
Find the recipe here: onegreenplanet.org


Grilled AvocadosGrilled Avocados
This simple recipe is perfect for a light meal full of aphrodisiacs. Grilled avocados are a great source of energy, such as folic acids and Vitamin B6. The avocados can be filled with raw vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, and topped with lime slices for perfect taste. Chopped onions can also be added for a smooth texture.
Find the recipe here: onegreenplanet.org


Chocolate Fondue with FigsChocolate Fondue with Figs

This simple vegan aphrodisiac dessert is designed for couples who are looking to indulge their taste buds. It is simple to prepare: only need a vegan (unsweetened) chocolate bar, soy creamer, poured over figs. Alternatively, couples could pour the melted creamy chocolate mixture into heart shaped molds, and place nuts or figs in the middle for the perfect romantic dessert, full of phenylethylamine, also called the “love chemical”.
Find the recipe here: ecosalon.com


Chocolate and Banana Love PuddleChocolate and Banana Love Puddle
While chocolate has the “love chemical”, bananas provide couples with several B vitamins and bromeliad enzyme, known for increasing men’s libido. To make the “puddle”, coconut milk is mixed with vegan butter. Chocolate pieces and sautéed bananas are added, and the dessert is best served with two spoons.
Find the recipe here: ordinaryvegan.net

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